The Safe Haven Scheme Launches

Astrea is proud to announce the launch of the new Safe Haven scheme within three of its buildings in the West End of London.

A Safe Haven is a 24 hour security-operated building which offers a safe refuge for anyone feeling vulnerable and requiring a short stop to ensure their forward journey is continued in both a safe and secure manner. The onsite security team have a high level of vetting and will be available at any time to assist a visitor.

Access to the building is provided via a free and easy to use app which has been developed by security solutions firm Croma Vigilant. Paul Brady of Croma explained “The App is simple to use and once activated it will direct the individual to the nearest safe haven location and at the same time alerts the team within that building that a request for assistance has been made. In addition there is an SOS provision to provide direct contact with the 101 police emergency centre should the individual feel immediately threatened and also will notify a nominated contact to be notified that the alarm has been raised“.

Paul Dickenson, of Colliers Investment Property Management, added ”The idea to utilise security manned buildings to provide a safe space for those needing assistance was born out of a Women’s Safety Workshop in 2021 and we are incredibly proud to be able to turn this idea into reality today”.

The first three buildings joining the scheme are all located within the West End of London and are under the stewardship of Astrea Asset Management who have supported the project from inception. Stephanie Handley of Astrea Asset Management added “It was important for us to champion something which we felt would make a real difference to the community our buildings operate in and prove a concept so that others would join to expand its reach across London and beyond.”

The concept utilises an already existing 24 hour manned property workforce, so with a small amount of additional training a Safe Haven can be up and running in a short period of time. The system is then self-administered by the building’s security team who only need to confirm their intention to continue providing Safe Haven on a quarterly basis to ensure that the list of available properties remains up to date in real time. The longer term aim is that the Safe Haven project will be adopted and extend across the UK creating a network of locations available to anyone throughout the day or night, 365 days a year.

The launch of Safe Haven has been made possible today by an Asset Manager, Property Manager and Security Service Partner working together in collaboration with Westminster City Council, Safer Business Network, London Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, New West End Company, David Ward Associates, Imabi technology platform and Zinc Systems.

The Safe Haven app is free of charge to use and can be downloaded from the Google Play store and the Apple App Store.